This is me at my truest art form. I've done a lot of things in life but to perform in-front of the camera is the most vunerable fulfilling version of myself. As early as Kindergarten I acted as the lead in our elementary play. I continued throughout elementary school to star in school productions. Then somehow this got away from me in middle school as I got more into sports. With exception to writing and directing a comedy skit for our 8th grade talent show (which we won) and outside of school creating a few short films on VHS with my friends. I started focusing on what made me cool and popular… being a 3 sport athlete. In high-school my artistic outlet outside of sports became art-class and photography. I did end of playing NCAA Div. Soccer at Marshall University, Go Herd! After graduating with an ever so important Sports Management and Marketing degree I got back into photography which lead to video. Fast forward to 2016 while directed the comedy short Art Sale. On our second day our lead actor / writer Zae woke me up on his floor to say "Yo man, our guy David is not showing up we need an actor fast, why don't you jump in!?" I agreed as long as I could re-write my own lines and change the part from a homeless guy to one that fit me more, a redneck drug pusher in an all black neighborhood. All day leading up to my scene I was filled with excitement and what I call “good anxiety”. When the moment came it was like an outer body experience I fell so deeply into my character. This is the happiest I have felt with anything artistically in my life. I remember being so consumed that when our DP Gabe, yelled "Cut" it was like coming out of a dream back into reality. I thought to myself in that very moment "Wake up and get it together you now have to go back to directing this film!" At that point I knew that I just had awoke my true artistic purpose. For 2016 and 2017 it become bitter sweet as I started to ask myself all the insecure thoughts like: "What have you done with your life up to this point?" and "You have over 15 years of experience as a profession photographer and 1/2 that in Directing video!" "How are you going to just start over!?" But around Thanksgiving in 2017 about a year and some months after that cameo role I made up my mind to make every move and decision possible to pursue acting. This is coming from a kid back in middle school who decided at soccer camp that I wanted to be a college soccer player, well… I did, at the highest level NCAA Div. 1 (Marshall University). Then after college that I wanted to be a photographer for the Associated Press and….I did for 10 years strong. Now….acting! I fell like this is my last creative chapter and one I can be fulfilled and challenged for the rest of my life. We all have one life to live you might as well go after what you want and be happy. Thank you so very much for reading this if you made it all the way to the end! Best, Jeff

BIO: born and raised 18 years in Paducah, KY. attended Reinhardt University in Waleska, GA. then Marshall University in Huntington, WV. currently based in Savannah, GA. since moving here in 2012 to follow my 2 older kids as I co-parent them along with the help of my fiance Mollie who we have a 14 month old of our own.